t u o n p u o l e i n e n
aukeaa 10.10.2021 Kuhmossa
Kalevalaisen kulttuurin keskus Juminkeossa,
sekä tällä nettisivulla.

>> Tue projektia osana Kulttuurilahjaa aikavälillä 12.6. ̶ 30.9.2021 <<

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t u o n p u o l e i n e n
opens on October 10th 2021 in Kuhmo,
The Information Center for the Kalevala and Karelian Culture Juminkeko
as well as on this website.

>> Support the project as part of the Kulttuurilahja between 12.6. ̶ 30.9.2021 <<

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“Tuonpuoleinen” is considered to be something contra to everyday or mundane,
it is beyond of our usual concepts on of reality.
“Tuonpuoleinen” reveals itself while experienced,
and it can be both scary and divine at the same time.
“Tuonpuoleinen” can consist of different other realms
like the womb, graves or cemeteries,
strange or unknown villages and lands,
or to be enchanted by the spirits.